Final Exam

Hey Y’all!!

So for my final post, I am going to post something that is local to Tennessee, and it might be local for some of y’all in other states! So for my final post, I am going to be talking about Panera Bread! Panera Bread is SOOO delicious and I could not think of anything better to talk about. One of my favorite things to get at Panera is their Bagels! I also get the Asiago Cheese Bagel with their Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese. Panera Bread has a lot of healthy options for you and then even have some options that are worth NOT being healthy for, like ALL of their desserts. I know in Tennessee, we have a Panera all over the place, but when I ever go to one, I always feel so cozy. They have a very warm and inviting atmosphere. I love to go when it gets cold outside, because they have a nice warm fire going. Panera has temporarily extended their hours, so if it is late, you can always go and hang out with them and get something to eat. Panera Bread has very comforting food. When I go and eat there, their food always makes me feel so full.



Alright, now that you have a little background information about Panera Bread, I have my final video I will be sharing with you.

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