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Our Place Cafe

Did someone say Meat & 3?! Meat & 3 joints are some of the best southern home cooking. I tried this little place called “Our Place Cafe.” It is located in Hendersonville, TN, and has some of the best home cooking. I honestly can not even say what my favorite meal is!! I am a sucker for home cooked meals and some down time to catch up with the people in my life. I feel when you have a really great home cooked meal, that is when I really just sit back and relax. Well, let me tell y’all something, this place does it for me. If y’all are ever in the area of Hendersonville, TN, then y’all should swing by there.

Eatery · Local · Tennessee


Who does not like Mexican food? I mean Mexican is MY FAVORITE food!! I have a great place located in Nashville, TN. It is located right over by Vanderbilt University. When you walk into this place it has a great atmosphere. You can either sit on the deck or you can sit inside. The outside patio is AWESOME!! you are outside and you feel involved with what is going on around you. When you go in it is kind of like a buffet. Here is what you do:

  1. Grab a piece of paper
  2. Fill the paper out
  3. Turn the paper in
  4. ENJOY your food

This place is a 10/10, and I highly recommend it!! y’all go check it out and let me know what y’all think!

If you want to check out their website, then check it out here.


Eatery · Local · Tennessee

Maggianos Little Italy

If y’all are every in Nashville, TN, then y’all need to go and check out this Italian place! They have different options of food and they make you so full during the appetizers, you think you won’t eat again, but they actually wait until you aren’t as full until they bring out your next round. My FAV thing to get there is the “Rigatoni D” It has mushrooms, Chicken, and noodles and an light white cream sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about this!

They also have party rooms downstairs and they also cater!! The rooms are big enough to hold large parties. I give this place a 10/10!!


Eatery · Local · Tennessee

Swaney Swifts

Who all likes Burgers?! I do really enjoy a good burger every now and then. If you are ever in Gallatin, TN, then you need to go to the Gallatin Square and check out this burger joint! This place is called Swaney Swifts!! It has two different levels. On the second level there is a stage and they even off live music! So, if you are wanting to go out for the night grab a burger and a shake and while you are eating enjoy some live music!


Also if you happen to stop by on a Thursday night, they play trivia!! Trivia starts at 7 p.m., so make sure grab a team and go have fun time!!

Check out there phone number and hours here.