Eatery · Local

Red Rooster

Everyone loves a good homestyle country breakfast. My go to place is called The Red Rooster. It is located in Hendersonville, TN. Today, when I went with my family to go eat lunch, I got the grilled chicken salad. It was very fresh, with all kinds of veggies. One of the main things they serve is their “Home Fries.” It is essentially french fries, but they are just cut differently. Also, they severe an amazing club sandwich, along with some potato salad. Last but not least, dessert. We can not forget dessert, they have some of the best homemade pies. Make sure when you go, you get a slice of pecan pie. Make sure you visit their website to see the full menu!

One main thing I look for when I go to these Mom and Pop places, is the service. When you go into a new restaurant like this for the first time, you are able to feel the “homey” feel it lets off. The staff talks to you like you are are old friends that are just catching up. Let me be the first to tell you, you are missing out if you do not go and have a sit down breakfast here.





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